Oil Summary: Moldavia rose oil is a great alternative to expensive Rose Essential Oil coming from India, Turkey and Bulgaria, the liquid is slightly orange in color but it contains the same rose essential oil properties coming from other regions but at extremely affordable price. Roses are harvested by hand and gathered to a central location for distillation.?The extraction of rose oil is essentially done through steam distillation. In some parts, an older, slower process called enfleurage is used. Although enfleurage is tasking, the oil obtained is the most precious and therapeutic because its chemical structure remains virtually unchanged after processing. It?s mainly famous as a flavoring ingredient in culinary delights, where it?s frequently sprinkled on meat dishes or added to spices, and as a natural Ayurveda substance for the treatment of various psycho-physical issues.?

Botanical Name: Rosa damascena

Extraction: Steam distillation

Type: Conventional

Origin: Moldavia

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